time and tide wait for no man
Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-même

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When you have to put your phone on do not disturb because you’re friends are being such inclusive assholes

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Castle grinned, “Good because I have problems taking no for an answer.” he said as he looked at her, “You want your book back huh?” he asked before shrugging, “Come on, the cafe is this way.”


She could barely bring herself to reply to him, and she just shook her head and walked with him toward the cafe on campus, hoping he would get a little more tolerable. “I’ll have a caramel latte. In a takeaway cup.”



        "Okay… why. “

    "I.. I was just worried that’s all.."


                                            Mr & Mrs Franklin Fox
                                                 have the pleasure of inviting you
                                                 to the marriage of their daughter

                                            Megan Denise Fox
                                                Dylan O’Brien

                                           ( anotherargent ;; metsjetsandmegan )

Favorite Megan Fox Photos. (x)



She was glad that he agreed to it, knowing that even though she suggested a second kiss for insight, it would have felt like personal rejection if he’d have said no. Slowly she moved in, resting her hand on his neck and smiling as his eyes watched her lips, and then she…

Megan was breathless as she stood still in such close proximity to this man, this man who she had not known that well prior to this evening, this man who she already felt a strong connection with regardless. It scared her more than anything, the fact that something was happening that neither of them could explain, and she was sure it was not normal to have out of body experiences prompted by the taste of someone’s lips. She nodded, “y-yeah.. It was like.. Like we were somewhere else almost?” She hoped he had felt the same as her, and even though it was terrifying that Newt had this effect on her, she was still aching to feel more of his touch.

And why am I alive, when everyone around me had turned to meat?

It’s because of my list of rules.

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