time and tide wait for no man
Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-même

Open text - Drew



( text ): at least you know it

( text ): or I’m gonna start without you (;

[text] i know it and i own it, baby ;)

[text] … now, that’s just mean :( 

( text ): ugh you’re lucky you’re so hot
( text ): mm drew.. This feels so good, maybe even better than your mouth…

Too tired for life GNIGHT


Someone needs to write a ‘the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’ AU

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wanting to send people shippy memes because you’ve been thinking how your muses would work in a romantic relationship but not wanting them to think that you only want to do shippy things or force them into a ship


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Me: I have no time to do anything ugh how am I going to shower and get enough sleep and watch my shows I need more time I can't do anything
Me: starts 5 new threads, sends 20 memes, makes 50 icons
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" Nothing ? 
 I don’t need you to make
it up to me, it’s fine. “ 


"Well at least you can
tease me about finding
you and your bike hot, huh?”



"Hey, as long as you study you should be fine."

    "Do you think you could tutor me?"


Isaac couldn’t bare to watch this assault unfold in front of him, but it was hard to ignore when he felt like he should be doing something, protecting her from this brute. He clenched his fists, anger pulsing through his body. During his brief glimpse at freedom, he’d grown used to making his own decisions, being his own person. It was hard to suddenly switch that off, and it took every ounce of his concentration not to interfere with Tom’s training, not to choose his fate. 

Tom grinned, knowing he’d broken her. Just an hour ago she’d been talking back to him and, using his new method, he’d reduced her to giving in to being used again. It broke Isaac’s heart, and a part of him wished she’d retaliate, he didn’t care if he got punished because of it, anything would be less painful than watching this. Tom leaned closer, grinning as he pressed his lips firmly against hers. He squeezed her arm with great force, no doubt she’d develop a bruise over time. When he finally pulled away, he seemed satisfied, slipping the knife back into it’s sheath “you need to be spayed.” he commented before turning to Isaac “and you’re getting neutered tonight.”

Megan sat and looked up at Tom, letting him do whatever he wanted to her. She had given up, there was no use in even trying to fight now that they had threatened the love of her life. Yes they would hurt him anyway, but she wouldn’t be the cause of his pain, not now, not ever. She attempted to kiss the man back, wanting him to take everything out on her body and hoping it would make him forget about whatever he had planned, but his words showed her just how late she was.

She didn’t want to give up her right to have a child, she wanted to be able to give Isaac the children they both deserved, to start a family together but she knew it was for nothing now. She would have argued that uncut women sold for more if she had not decided to be selfish. If this was her life now, she would not give birth to her masters child just to watch it be killed. Megan gulped as he pointed at Isaac before she spoke up, “P-permission to speak sir?” She waited until he had granted her that much, and looked up at him innocently, “a-a buyer is more likely to want him uncut. By all means sterilise me, but don’t lose out on money for the sake of a snip.” She looked up at him, hoping he would appreciate her words and not punish Isaac for them.



"Well damn." 

He could honestly say he hadn’t seen that coming. Megan was one of his closest friends and he trusted her, but he’d never told her he was gay. It shouldn’t surprise him all that much that she had managed to figure it out, however. She’d always been good at reading him.

"Thank you. You and Lip are the only ones that know right now. I mean, I’m not exactly looking forward to getting my ass kicked if other people find out."

She smiled, wondering how long he had been
debating telling her. She hoped it wasn’t 
difficult for him to come out to her, that he felt
comfortable enough to talk to her about such a
personal thing.

     ”No-ones gonna find out. You think
      me and Lip are gonna let anyone
      beat your ass up anyway? Well,
      I mean unless you want them to
      beat your ass up.”

If you ship with me, our ship will be about 5% fluff and 95% angst.


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