time and tide wait for no man
Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-même

I dunno bout you but I’m feelin twenty twoooo

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#tw: muns face


“Damn     I should get more legit pick up lines”


"Yeah you do, it’s a good job you’re cute."

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                          ❛ Have you lost your mind?! ❜

                                       the question was pointless, though she still felt the 
                                         uncontrollable   need  to  voice  it,  because  this  is 
                                         someone she’d hated with a burning  passion  like 
                                         no other, yet here  she  is  friends  with  the  enemy
                                         She knew what  loss  felt like, she knew what it felt 
                                         like to have deaths icy  grasp enveloping your form 
                                         as if ready to rip you from the earth without another 
                                         thought, she knew what Megan was going through.
                                         she refused to let the other go through it a l o n e)

                              ❛        do you really think that’s what Allison would want
                                 even if you could get her back she’d never be  the  same. 
                                 She’d   never  be  the  girl  you  loved.  That  girl  is  gone. ❜

"Do I think my cousin would rather live
than die? Yeah actually, I do.”
                    She spoke, her voice already raised as her mind
                     racked through ways she could make cora see why
                     she was doing this. 

"Of all the people in the world that I
expected to question this, I didn’t
think it would be you. 
I thought you would 
u n d e r s t a n d.”

Name a type of crime, and my Muse/s will reveal if they have done it.

What’s a day without Arson, Murder and Jaywalking?

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I just suddenly freaked out bc I’m not wearing a seatbelt.
I’m on a train.

(before I forget) Happy Birthday!

Thank you so much bubba!

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{ Happy early birthday! :D }

Thank you ya big cutie pie!

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The man tried to pull a smile, only half of it seemed to come through. His lips hurt for some reason and also talking, he didn’t want to be one to make her upset now. He tried to act like he was good, even if it hurt breathing as well. “You’re incredible.” He echoed, his vision somewhat blurry. He probably had to rest, but, at the moment, talking to her was more. “Don’t cry, you’re too beautiful for that.”

She shook her head slowly, trying to speak but the words wouldn’t come. This man had saved her life, she was just glad that he hadn’t had to give up his own. “Nate..” She started, but that was where the sentence stopped, and she smiled through tears at his words, letting her fingers entwine with his own as she sat beside his bed. “D-do.. are you.. are you okay?”

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Guys it’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m out drinking tonight. I may post drunk posts so please excuse them (:


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