time and tide wait for no man
Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-même



She nodded as Isaac spoke, knowing that she would have to be careful while thinking of him during the tryst that was about to take place. Of course it would make things easier to close her eyes and think of him, but if she moaned his name it was game over. No matter how many…

Megan gulped as she heard Isaac moving around downstairs trying her hardest not to react to the thought of him having to come up and see her with Tom. She never wanted this, she thought that she could let him rape her and then the two would part, that he would let her pack in peace and the ordeal would be over even faster than it started, but it had been her who mentioned the wine and made tom call Isaac to the room. Once again she was the reason for isaacs suffering.

The girl watched as the love of her life walked through the door with wine and some glasses, biting her lip as she saw how hard he was shaking. She wanted to tell him it was okay, she she was there and she would protect him but she couldn’t, and so she just watched, nibbling at Toms neck gently In an attempt to distract him from isaacs nerves.

She saw the red wine fall in slow motion and splash on Toms chest, and her eyes met isaacs as the boy stared at the man she had just slept with in fear. Toms arm moved up to place the glass down, and then his hand clamped firmly on isaacs neck so hard it cut off his air flow. “How dare you spill that vintage on me, you worthless piece of shit.” He hissed, gripping harder, isaacs face now turning a feignt shade of blue. She fought back tears and instead ducked her head to run her tongue over the wine that was drop down the contours of his undefined abs, “mm good wine..” She giggled, her tongue running across the line of his boxers as she attempted to distract him once more. “You’re gonna need your hands..” She smirked up at him, her eyes darting to the one on isaacs neck.

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Isaac could smell the spike of arousal in her scent at her own words, and he had to admit that yes, that idea was rather appealing. “That sounds like an awesome plan, baby,” he agreed, teeth grazing her skin lightly before he continued his descent. “I’ll bend you over his desk and make you moan so loud they’ll hear you in the hallway,” he muttered against her skin.

"Good girl," he praised her when she thanked him, something he clearly appreciated, if only in the optic of their game. He smirked when her hips worked against his mouth, their rhythm perfected by all the times they’d done this. Isaac liked going down on her just as much as she did, which made for frequent practice. When she asked if she could have her hands free, he looked up at her, and after the ‘mister wolf’ bit, he made his eyes glow as he smirked. "I think you’ve earned it, Red. You’ve been such a good girl for me," he said, then lowered his head to suck at her clit one more time before moving up to reach her hands and undo the knots.

Megan whined at the thought of him having her in Coaches office again, and their sex life being so much more kinky than it had been. She loved the idea of playing even in class, and she was lucky to have a boyfriend that felt exactly the same way. 

She writhed under his mouth as he soothed her sensitive skin, the sensation moving from one of comfort from the vibrator to one of pure pleasure, and she shook in anticipation as he moved to untie her, her eyes never leaving him. “Have I really been a good girl, mister wolf?” She pouted innocently, “A-are you gonna treat me?”


    “I was hoping that you’d remember…”


         Marcel was missing a shoe, along with his memory of the previous night, 
         but if the lingering scent in the air was any indication of what had gone 
         down then it was safe to guess booze were involved.

Raising her head, she studied the room she had ended up in, not being able to recall for even a moment how she had ended up here or how she had ended up here with him.

                "The last I can remember, Klaus was telling you
                          that you didn’t know how to hold your liquor.”

She chuckled, licking her lips as she wondered where the hybrid had ended up, 

                           ”Looks like he was right, about both of us”


He shrugs, “And I wont care. At all." Except he probably would considering how fast the full moon was approaching and yeah, losing Mario Kart stings a little when you feel like there’s an animal trying to rip it’s way out of your chest for control. So maybe he’d manage to even be a little competitive, tonight. At least that would give them a distraction. 

But then Megan is standing, hips swaying in a way that shouldn’t be legal and he seriously hopes the growl that slips past his lips isn’t as loud as it sounds to his own ears. 

She smirks at his words and shakes her head, standing and moving over to the tv. She doesn’t even realise what she;s doing as she sways her hips impatiently, and she barely hears his reaction, but she turns to look over her shoulder timidly anyway, biting her lip as their eyes meet.

"A-are you alright there?" She speaks, her voice small as her eyes wrack over his body, her resolve fast melting away as her gaze met his crotch. She lets out a sigh laced with a moan as she remembers how he felt, how he tasted, and all of a sudden she needs him again, but she refuses to be the one who will start this. She wonders how long they will last like this before they give in, and her eyes dare him to have his way with her.

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Megan tried her hardest to picture Isaac sitting next to her so that she didn’t feel so sick to the stomach at what was happening, but it was difficult when Tom demanded so much attention. Once they were finally home, she dragged Isaac into the house and took the collar off…

She nodded as Isaac spoke, knowing that she would have to be careful while thinking of him during the tryst that was about to take place. Of course it would make things easier to close her eyes and think of him, but if she moaned his name it was game over. No matter how many times masters slept with their slaves, it was supposed to be then that they were thinking of someone else, not the other way around.

She played along perfectly as Tom continued their little game, smirking as he handcuffed her to the bed and had his way with her. Surprisingly he wasn’t as awful as she had thought, and it would have made it easier if she had not thought about why he was good, how much practise he had had raping the girls in the camps. It was then that she closed her eyes and imagined Isaac, his callous hands and fervent lips in place of this devil corrupting her. But still she pretended it was the best she’d ever had, and when it was over she lay there worn out and unsatisfied, hoping Isaac had not heard as much as she knew he would have.

"God that was good.." She smirked, resting her head on toms chest before kissing up it gently and placing a chaste kiss on his lips, "mm we are definitely doing that more when I get back from holiday.." She giggled, "I’m gonna go get some wine, do you want some?" She offered, only trying to find an excuse to see Isaac again but she hadn’t thought it through. "Don’t get up.." Tom smiled at her, pressing the button on the wall that set off a bell in the kitchen, "BRING US WINE, PIG" tom yelled, and she flinched at his violent and loud tone sitting so close to her ears. "You’re mine now, you hear me?" His tone would be comforting if it weren’t for his intent and what se knew about him, but still she nodded and kissed him once more. She smiled up at him and lay in his arms trying to look as comfortable as possible after he had raped her. She just hoped Isaac would know she was not enjoying this.


I am thinking it’s a sign
That the freckles in our eyes
Are mirror images and when
We kiss they’re perfectly aligned

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( text ): like what? What do u wanna do?
( text ): I’m a little drunke

[ text: meg ]: what we did at the part that night was kinda fun.
[ text: meg ]: i can tell.

( text ): you just wanna fu ck me that s why we dobt yalk abouyt it
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